About Me

DJ Wreckless born on (April 24), is an American DJ and Music Producer. Wreckless began his start in Paterson, New Jersey where he was born and raised. DJ Wreckless started Djing at the age of 14, and producing at the age of 20 and has continued since. He has worked with an array of musical artist mainly focused in the Hip Hop and Latin community. Wreckless currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he continues to pursue his passion for producing and DJing.

Mixing Music
Dj Wreckless

As an experienced Music Producer, DJ Wreckless can help offer their creative perspective and keen ear to your music. Whether it’s polishing off an album, or putting the final touches on a single song, DJ Wreckless can help you with the final steps towards getting your stuff out there with their professionally produced tracks.

Wreckless is aiming to be a prominent figure in the music industry by producing music in eclectic genres, such as Latin, Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B. Wreckless is also demonstrating his technique by stepping into the field of EDM where he will be debuting his partnership with a current public figure. 


DJ Wreckless works incredibly hard arranging, mixing, and producing all of his music. He is proud to be able to present fans with his final product. Have a listen and discover the magic of music produced by DJ Wreckless.